Engineering & Design

Pivotal Communications is a civil engineering firm that provides design and engineering, planning, permitting and construction management services to community and private clients.

It’s our mission to provide our clients with quality support for all their project needs. We treat your needs and concerns as if they were our own. We understand your perspective and goals. Our time is your money and we keep both in check as our approach is both tactical and strategic.

What sets us apart from our competitors? Efficient management of internal resources, professional interaction with all those involved with the project and comprehensive Quality Control standards ensure the end result meets or exceeds the requirements of our client.

Why are we the most valuable asset to your project?

It’s in our name…

Find out why!

Definition of PIVOTAL

1. Something which is central, vital, or very important.

2. Being of vital or central importance; crucial: a decision that was pivotal to our success.

Synonyms: critical, crucial, key, vital

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