Kandi Ross

Ms. Ross has more than 7 years of varied fiber optic design and engineering experience. Her experience includes: field engineering, CAD production, coordination, quality control and construction file management. Ms. Ross has supported plan production using AT&T Graphic Guideline standards, quality review (Accuracy, Completeness) of design field notes and finished plans, and base mapping. Her relevant work experience accounts for more than 2,500 miles of fiber optic cable construction in the United States.

I’m currently responsible for processing all construction documentation coming in from the field. The Field Inspector provides site information on construction methods, fiber location, and depths of cover as well as locations/depths of all underground utility crossings. I check this information against the construction drawing set and the contractors Schedule “A” (Pricing & Rate Schedule) for accuracy and adherence to contract terms. This information is then translated onto a “redline” drawing set. When complete, these drawing sets will be collated into ‘As-Built” and provided to AT&T. All relevant paperwork is then properly filed electronically and physically.
I update the contract summary spreadsheet based on daily quantity reports turned in by construction crew inspectors to verify billing amounts prior to the contractor submitting invoices to our customer. Variances and requests for contract changes are noted and summarized for approval by our manager.
Further responsible for researching tax boundaries (County, City Boundaries, School, Fire and Police Districts) that are within the AT&T fiber route. Once the As-Built drawings are completed these boundaries with accurate stationing are then transferred onto AT&T accounting record forms CCMR, MAS344 and E610.

Extracurricular activities:
I enjoy the current challenge of keeping track of the construction budget and estimating costs, assisting with problem solving and collaborative trouble shooting with my coworkers