We’re always busy working on the next big thing, but we wanted to show you what we’re up to and what we’ve done. Here are some of our projects:

  • Rail

    HE Inspection System Installation

    There are many aspects to the transportation infrastructure within the United States including rail, air and road. While border security has always been enforced, the ability to utilize high tech surveillance equipment along the U.S.-Mexican border has improved efficiency of inspections. After potential installation issues were identified, Pivotal's survey team was asked to review project plans and installation activities to correct anticipated misalignment for the installation of a railway inspection system near Laredo, Texas. The project was successfully completed.

    Pivotal’s Advantage to our client, Schommer &Sons/SAIC: The precise use of survey tools and understanding of project engineering allowed our team to correct and complete project installation.

  • Network

    NextGen Link 13A

    As the Lead Engineering Consultant, the Pivotal team is responsible for the permitting, field design, construction drawings, construction management, and record drawings associated with this 222 mile fiber project. This project had extensive permitting and rights issues. Permitting agencies included Caltrans, Bureau of Land Management, and many local and regional permitting authorities. Biological concerns on the project included Desert Tortoises, Quinoa Butterfly, and Burrowing Owls. The project crossed areas with archaeological considerations, as well.

    Pivotal’s advantage to our client, AT&T Corporate: Efficient management of AT&T’s resources, professional interaction with permitting agencies and a team of specialists and sub-contractors that ensured project success. Pivotal delivered high quality drawings and project documents at project conclusion that will allow for corporate legacy for future maintenance needs.

  • Transmission

    Sigurd to Red Butte 345kV Transmission Line

    There is significant activity in the Western United States as utilities upgrade existing lines and development of new lines to support the integration of renewable energy sources and improve grid technology. Pivotal's Lead Surveyor provides services to this 160 mile project which will increase capacity and reliability in Utah and integrate low-cost resources from the Southwest.

  • Home Fiber

    Fiber to the Home

    The incumbent telecommunication companies (ILEC’s) have started aggressive deployment plans to build out their fiber networks to the home to increase consumer bandwidth to handle the ever increasing programming available over the internet.

    Pivotal has been able to assimilate the proprietary systems and design requirements for several different telecom companies to deliver high quality construction drawings on time to meet the customers activation dates. Pivotal has been able to accomplish this while the design standards have been constantly changing and evolving. Pivotal field surveys existing underground, buried and aerial plant and takes the survey info to create the most economical design based on the customer’s engineering standards in place.