Real Estate Development

The Pivotal engineering and survey team works closely with commercial and residential developers to maximize their real estate investment through land use analysis, design, and entitlement services.

High Density Residential is in demand. We have worked with developers to successfully bring about large scale apartment and townhome complexes. Vacancy rates remain tight and we work with our clients to bring about projects that are developed in a financially feasible way ensuring long term investment success.

Commercial Redevelopment is critical as older areas are rehabilitated. While the market is still stagnant, land is expensive and commercial property owners may find cost benefit to redeveloping their existing holdings.
Residential subdivisions vary in size from a handful of homes to hundreds, sometimes thousands. Our team works with developers on project design, entitlements and long term project support needs.

We continue to support our clients who have endured through peaks and valleys of the real estate market. Our team understands the dynamic real estate market and how critical our role is to our clients’ success.