Because of our decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, we’ve worked on generations of lines, towers and routine maintenance projects. A key factor for success in our global economy is the ability for businesses and families to use the internet and telecommunications devices with ease. This capacity to share data and ideas rapidly across all types of socio-economic groups and geographic barriers has fueled the modern economy and solidified our global economy.

Client Support

Pivotal is proud to offer a wide array of services for wireline construction, including aerial installations, subterranean builds, cable landings, and optical amplifier sites.

Turnkey Construction

By partnering with one of our many construction associates, Pivotal can provide one‐contract services from cradle to grave in the construction of a fiber optic line.

Scalable Services

Pivotal’s size allows it to be flexible in deploying personnel to even remote regions where only a few services will be needed. In other words, no job is too large—or too small.

There are several major companies that design, build, and maintain the nation’s network. These networks are the backbone that connects the worldwide telecommunications information highway. We’re honored to be a provider of engineering services to many of those companies. Because of our experience we’re considered an expert in building outside plant, and fiber optic cable networks all across the United States.
Services our clients receive:
Route Planning
Compliance Inspection
Construction Management
Construction/Record Drawings

Pivotal has a long history of working on long haul and maintenance projects. In addition to engineering services, we provide right of way and acquisition services to our telecommunications clients.